Who we are

We are one of the pioneer institutions in Quality Control, who believe in "providing an environment of growth, thus gaining trust and confidence of the customer". Established in 1988, as a Medical Diagnostic Centre, we diversified into Engineering Diagnostics in 1990. Satya Kiran is a group of companies run by reputed professionals operating in state-of-the-art Medical technology and Engineering verticals. The group’s top-end healthcare services include chain of medical diagnostics centers and healthcare training institutes run under the brand names of Must and More and Health Republic. The Engineering services business addresses a crucial industry requirement of Non-destructive Testing (NDT). NDT is a standardized technique for performing flaw detection, quality checks and certifications, and pre-emptive maintenance and disaster prevention. NDT has widespread application ranging from several engineering, forging, manufacturing, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.

What We Want to Achieve

Provide value for money through simple solutions to difficult problems. You will automatically enter the wealth-generating spiral and lead your nation to glory!

Our mission

To deliver projects without time and cost overrun with uncompromising Quality and Safety standards. To create a culture that motivates, nurtures and excites our people in pursuit of excellence through continued learning and self improvement. To uphold the Satyakiran Group's cherished value of contributing to society to improve the quality of life.

Why Choose Us?

1.Over 200 experienced, enthusiastic & customer focused Professionals!
2.Proven, proprietary methodology!
3.Continuous up gradation and dynamic flexibility!
4.Customized services, trainings, and facilitation, our exclusive mentoring!
5.No one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach!
6.We work to your schedule, not ours!
7.No-nonsense pricing, always!